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Jennie Cox
Jennie Cox
After Care Staff
Employed Since: 7/30/2018
3 Years Experience At School

Jennie Cox, after school care giver and substitute teacher.       She was  a teacher in a Christian Academy in Memphis, Tennessee for 2 years before going into a different direction in her career. She has been a Sunday school teacher for 30 plus years. She came back to teaching at Restoring Hope Christian Academy 3 years ago, she is one of our original teachers (PreK 2) in the beginning of the school. She has taught and cared for quiet a  few of our students since they were two years old and to see them grow intellectually, spiritually and physically has been a blessing to her and the parents.  She looks forward to continue to see the growth of the school and children in a spiritual and fun filled school. To God be the glory!