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  Name Title Group
Jill Altig Altig, Jill
Angel Andress Andress, Angel Asst. to Head of School/Admissions Director
Krestyn Cline Cline, Krestyn Teacher Assistant
Ruth Courtright Courtright, Ruth Music Teacher
Jennie Cox Cox, Jennie After Care Staff
Linda Derryberry Derryberry, Linda Preschool Teacher
Abigail Erwin Erwin, Abigail Upper School Teacher
Natalie Green Green, Natalie Academic Services Coordinator
Natalie Green Green, Natalie Academic Services Coordinator
Stephen Griffin Griffin, Stephen Upper Level Math
Stephen Griffin Griffin, Stephen Teacher
Craig Kleinmann Kleinmann, Craig Athletic Director
Craig Kleinmann Kleinmann, Craig
Krystal Lawing Lawing, Krystal CFO
Tiffany Maples Maples, Tiffany Kindergarten Teacher
Skyler Miller Miller, Skyler 2nd Grade Teacher
Terah Penhollow Penhollow, Terah Substitute
Lavinia Peret Peret, Lavinia 4th Grade & Spanish Teacher
Tim Petitt Petitt, Tim Head of School
Christy Sheffield Sheffield, Christy Preschool Teacher
Kelsey Sheffield Sheffield, Kelsey Upper School Teacher
William Slater Slater, William
Clint Starling Starling, Clint Security
Donna Stewart Stewart, Donna 3rd Grade Teacher, Preschool Director & Elementary Principal
Mallory Thomason Thomason, Mallory 1st Grade Teacher